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Simplify Mesh


Simplifies a mesh using a vertex decimation algorithm.
HRESULT D3DXSimplifyMesh(
  _In_   LPD3DXMESH pMesh,
  _In_   const DWORD *pAdjacency,
  _In_   const D3DXATTRIBUTEWEIGHTS *pVertexAttributeWeights,
  _In_   const FLOAT *pVertexWeights,
  _In_   DWORD MinValue,
  _In_   DWORD Options,
  _Out_  LPD3DXMESH *ppMesh
Schroeder, Zarge and Lorensen “Decimation of Triangle Meshes” SIGGRAPH 1992

Hoppe, DeRose, Duchampy, McDonald, Stuetzle, “Mesh Optimization”, SIGGRAPH 1993

Hoppe, "Progressive meshes", SIGGRAPH 1996


walbourn wrote Jun 9, 2014 at 7:37 PM

This would be most useful for automatic "level-of-detail" generation, but this kind of solution is not commonly used as it lacks artist control. There are a number of simplification programs that run in the context of various art tools that might be more robust.

walbourn wrote Jul 11, 2014 at 4:50 AM

The robust solution is to use something like the SimplyGon product to simplify the model within the context of an art tool:

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