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These functions provide utility functionality throughout the library.

DXGI Format Utilities

Returns false if the DXGI format is not valid for use in a Vertex Buffer (VB) input layout.

Returns false if the DXGI format is not valid for use as an Index Buffer (IB) format.

Note that depending on feature level, some 'valid' DXGI formats may not be supported by the given device at runtime.

Returns the number of bytes per element for a given DXGI format. This function returns 0 for a format that is not valid for use as a VB input layout or an IB. For example, DXGI_FORMAT_R32G32B32_FLOAT returns 12 bytes.

Input Layout Descriptor Utilities

Returns false if the given Direct3D 11 input layout description is invalid.

This performs many but not all of the same checks that the Direct3D debug layer performs.

Returns the byte offsets for each element of an input layout and the implied vertex stride from a given Direct3D 11 input layout description.

Attribute Utilities

Returns a list of face offsets and counts based on the input attributes id array.

Mesh Optimization Utilities

Returns the average cache miss ratio (ACMR) and average triangle vertex re-use (ATVR) for the post-transform vertex cache.

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